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How to choose paddle tennis racket

Posted on January 15 2022

The most common question when playing paddle tennis is how to choose the paddle tennis racket depending on the level and physiognomy of the player.

Therefore, we give you 5 tips to choose a paddle tennis racket that best suits your level of play.

1. The Weight

Weight is one of the most important factors when choosing a paddle tennis racket , normally there is a difference between the weight chosen by men and women, but to a greater extent you have to look at the size of each one.

The weight of the paddle tennis rackets in men is usually between 365 and 380gr depending on the height and, the weight of the paddle tennis rackets in women ranges between 340 and 365gr, although as I have commented before, there are other factors that influence more such as the size of each one.

It may also be that you have an injury and need a lighter racket or that you are very used to racket sports and your arms are more prepared regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

For this reason, in paddle tennis, as in all sports, there are no standard rules and it is best to search based on personal characteristics.

Padel racket weight

2. Identify your needs

If you are starting out in this sport, you will need a lighter racket at an affordable price until you improve your technique and you can identify your strong point on the court.

With a more advanced level you will be able to see if, for example, you are an attacking player or a defensive player, if you are looking for a racket that gives you more control, etc...

So identifying your correct shovel will be easier the more experience you have on the track.

3. The balance of the blade

If you are inexperienced players, it is best to choose a racket with little balance , that is, with the weight of the racket a little closer to the hand.

If, on the other hand, you are more experienced players and you are looking for a more powerful racket, you can choose one with a better balance so that the attack is more aggressive, this will also depend on the type of player you are.

The types of blades according to the balance are diamond, teardrop or round. The diamond blade has a high balance, which gives you more power, the teardrop-shaped blade has a centered balance, and the round-shaped blade has a low balance, which provides more control and is the best choice for players. with less experience.

Shapes of a blade and balance

4. Material type

There are different types of rubber, but in general terms you can differentiate between hard rubber (EVA rubber) and soft rubber (foam or FOAM).

The EVA rubber blades are more durable and print more power in more aggressive shots such as the shot.

On the contrary, the blades made of FOAM are less durable, but more manageable and less force is needed for the same output of the ball and it also gives the sensation of having greater control in the game, therefore, this type of material would be more suitable for less experienced players.

The blades have a frame that is usually made of carbon or fiberglass.

The best paddle tennis rackets are made of carbon fiber since it is a very resistant material and at the same time very light, which makes them very manageable and durable.

Fiberglass is cheaper than carbon and many brands use it for the cores or frames of the racket as it is a more flexible but less lightweight material.

The most common is a combination of both fibers in the manufacture of a blade.

Where to buy paddle tennis racket

5. Blades with a rough or smooth finish

There are blades that have an embossed finish with the aim of increasing the effect that is given to the ball. This type of blade is ideal for experienced players who enjoy performing sliced ​​blows, giving the ball a spinning effect.

On the contrary, the smooth blades have a completely flat finish, having less grip perhaps provides less effect, although both flat and sliced ​​blows can also be performed.

Although, really the difference between the two is not much and the choice should depend to a greater extent on the comfort and hitting technique you have.


Where to buy your paddle tennis racket

All paddle tennis players ask ourselves which shovel is going to improve our performance on the court and with which we are going to feel more comfortable.

Although we have some general knowledge, it is always best to let yourself be advised by a professional, you can ask your questions to x3padel who will advise you for free depending on your level, experience and physiognomy.

In addition, they have a wide variety of paddle tennis rackets for beginners and paddle tennis rackets for more advanced players looking for more power in the game.