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How to play paddle tennis if you are a beginner?

Posted on November 14 2021

If you are starting out in this sport, you will surely be wondering how to play paddle tennis if you are a beginner and what are the best techniques to improve your game.

Do not miss this article in which we are going to reveal all the tricks to learn to play paddle tennis easily and quickly.

The first thing to improve in this sport is to know well what the rules of paddle tennis are.

Play beginner padel

Once you have mastered this topic, all you have to do is improve.

The figure of the coach is key to continue progressing and to dedicate a few days a week to sport.

The downside of starting out on your own without a coach is that you'll have a hard time finding experienced people willing to spend a few hours playing with you and teaching you.

Another option if it is not in your plans to spend a lot of money on a coach is to watch videos of paddle tennis tournaments.

We advise you to watch paddle tennis tournaments for less experienced players since you will be able to see the technique better and a somewhat slower pace.

You can also watch videos of mixed or female paddle tennis matches that will teach you a lot in terms of technique.

How to play paddle tennis

How do you play paddle tennis?

Having said this, here we leave you 5 tips to start playing paddle tennis.

These 5 tips are for paddle tennis beginners, since we indicate the most important thing when it comes to playing your first games.

  1. Get the necessary material to play paddle tennis.

Although buying technical equipment for paddle tennis is sometimes a good outlay , there are paddle tennis rackets for beginners that will allow you to get started in the game at a much cheaper price .

The clothes you choose are also important, prices vary a lot from one brand to another and you can have comfortable and cheap clothes at the same time.

When you start playing paddle tennis, it is likely that your joints ache, which is why you have to protect them with suitable padel wristbands and anklets and, of course, always warm up before training or a match.

The size and weight of the paddle tennis racket are also important to avoid injuries, an intermediate weight of 365-375 grams for men and 350-360 grams for women is recommended.

Don't forget the shoes! As in all sports, in paddle tennis there is also specific technical footwear designed especially for this sport and to avoid injuries as much as possible.

Don't worry about the price, there are also cheap paddle tennis shoes that will help you get started in this wonderful sport.

How to volley and choose the position in padel

  1. Position. The position is very important and will vary depending on whether it is serving or defending.

Whoever makes the serve must position both feet behind the service line without touching it, they will be located in the "service box" more or less in the center of their box. When taking out you cannot hit the net and the ball must vote crosswise, that is, if you take out from the right side of the court you must direct the ball towards the left square of the rival court.

The ball is struck when it is at waist height.

At every point we play we have two chances to put the ball in play.

If you are defending the ball, it is best to stand behind the service line closest to the bottom, but without touching the wall. This position will keep you focused to run forward or backward to pick up the ball.

It is best to wait in a central position with your legs slightly bent so that you can react quickly.

  1. Correct grip. The most used grip in paddle tennis and the most correct is the continental one.

With this type of grip, the wrist has more mobility and allows all types of blows to be performed. It is best to introduce your hand through the rope of the blade and then make the grip.

  1. Flat blow. To start playing paddle tennis, the simplest stroke and the best to minimize injuries is the flat stroke.

This hit allows you to have greater control of the ball by not giving it any effect, there will be time later to learn new techniques.

This type of movement is achieved by placing the racket perpendicular to the ground and hitting the ball just behind it.

  1. Pick the side you feel most comfortable on. If you are right-handed, the right and if you are left-handed, normally the left.

Finally, another recommendation on how to play paddle tennis is that, after having moved from your position to return a ball, try to return to the place of origin.

It is also important that you run to try to be on time and hit the ball when you are stationary, this way, you will have more control of the game and you will not put more force on the ball than necessary.

In paddle tennis, rapport with your playing partner is very important, so you must coordinate your movements with her at all times.

At first you will surely play with someone of a higher level, trust him or her and learn from their movements.

If you have more or less a fixed playing partner, we recommend that you participate in tournaments, at first it will be hard for you and even embarrassing, but it is where you learn the most and you will be able to measure your skills with other players.

There are many local tournaments of different levels, also in these tournaments there is usually a very good atmosphere so in a short time you will be looking forward to the weekends to play.

paddle tournaments

As in any sport, you must be patient and the sooner you start, the more progress you will make.

Cheer up for all!

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