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Best paddle tennis brands currently (2022)

Posted on March 18 2022

The paddle tennis racket market has evolved a lot, now you can find a large number of technical rackets for all levels; but

What are the best paddle tennis rackets in 2022?

In this post we are going to tell you which are the best brands and what are the characteristics that a good paddle tennis racket must have.

As you can imagine, hundreds of options come onto the market every year and each brand releases different models depending on the player's level, technical characteristics, etc... so we understand that making the right decision is quite complicated.

When choosing a paddle tennis racket, you must take into account, especially if you are an amateur, a series of characteristics such as: the weight of the racket, the balance of the racket, the type of material and, of course, the level with the one we count

Taking all these points into account, you will be able to get the best paddle tennis racket depending on your level .

Well, we begin to list which are the best paddle tennis brands:



Bullpadel is a Spanish brand created in 1995, in 2005 it was bought by Aguirre y Cía and began to create textiles and shoes specialized in paddle tennis.

It is the official brand sponsor of Paquito Navarro, Alejandra Salazar, Juan Tello and Fede Chingotto among others. This brand has an international expansion and is the one that sells the most paddle tennis rackets in the world.

From the range of Bullpadel rackets, the best sellers with Vertex and Hack.

The Bullpadel Vertex Control racket is Designed with the Vibradrive system for vibration absorption and Nerve channels on the side of the racket frame, the new Bullpadel Vertex paddle racket is perfect for better balance and precision in hitting.

The Bullpadel Hack 03 shovel is one of the best control shovels that you can get in the Bullpadel 2022 collection.

At x3padel you will find the best Bullpadel paddle tennis rackets adapted to all levels and pockets.



Babolat is a brand specialized in racket sports and over the years it has become one of the best-selling padel brands, representing World Padel Tour players such as Juan Lebrón and Martín Di Nenno.

This year 2022 it has launched some models that are among the best sellers, such as the Babolat Technical Viper 2022 or the Babolat Technical Veron 2022 .



In the year 2021 Adidas was one of the best-selling padel brands. This brand that started in the world of paddle tennis in 2013 with All for Padel has rackets for players of all levels and is the brand that sponsors players Alex Ruiz, Ale Galán and Martita Ortega. The Adipower or Metalbone range are among the best sellers. In our online store you can find the best Adidas padel rackets.



The Nox brand is fully specialized in paddle tennis and has also become one of the best sellers in recent years; is one of the sponsors of the World Padel Tour and is the sponsor of the players Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia and the Sánchez Alayeto twins.

It has a large number of rackets of all levels, price and style



This Austrian brand is specialized in other sports such as skiing and tennis and years ago decided to bet on paddle tennis, becoming one of the benchmarks in terms of materials in this sport.

For many years it sponsored Fernando Belasteguín, number 1 in the world for 16 years, it is currently the brand sponsor of Sanyo Gutiérrez, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría, among others.

This brand also has a line of high quality rackets, with the best materials, for beginner and intermediate players.