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The best rackets for paddle beginners

Posted on February 16 2023

There is no doubt that if you want to enter the world of paddle tennis, you will have to have a padel racket according to your conditions as a beginner , that's why from X3PADEL, we want to provide you with a series of tips and guidelines so that you take into account when buy your first paddle tennis racket.

If you want to know which is the right shovel for you , do not hesitate to continue reading the following article.

Characteristics of paddle tennis rackets for beginners:

These are some of the main features.

Teardrop Shape: Teardrop rackets have a larger hitting surface, making them easier for beginners to handle.

Light weight: Light weight paddles are easier to handle and less tiring on the arms and wrists of beginners.

Low balance: A low balance helps beginners to have better control of the racket and allows them to make more precise shots.

Soft EVA: Soft EVA helps reduce vibration in the arm and wrist, making it more comfortable to play for longer periods.

Thick profile: A thick profile on the racket can help increase the power of shots, which can be beneficial for beginners who do not yet have proper technique.

Tips for beginners in paddle tennis

Next we are going to give you a series of tips and guidelines to start playing paddle tennis:

Learn the technique: The first thing you should do is learn the proper technique to hit the ball. It is important that you receive good training so that you can develop solid technique and avoid injury.

Start playing with other beginners: Playing with other beginners will allow you to learn progressively and help you develop confidence and technique in the game.

Know the basic rules of the game: Make sure you know the basic rules of padel, such as the dimensions of the court, the number of players and how it is scored.

Work on your physical condition: Paddle tennis requires a good physical condition, so make sure you do specific exercises to strengthen your legs and arms.

Practice regularly: Practice is key to improving in any sport, so try to play padel regularly to improve your technique, your physical condition and your confidence in the game.

We also recommend that when you have been playing for a while you buy more equipment such as a padel racket bag or specific balls for paddle tennis. On the other hand, from X3PADEL we offer you some fantastic paddle packs if you want to get into this sport.

At X3PADEL we have what you need

Thanks to our years of experience in the sector, we have the best accessories and materials for practicing paddle tennis. If you need help, we have great professionals who can help you.

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