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Accurate as clockwork and comfortable as a glove. This is the Nox TEMPO World Padel Tour 2022 padel racket, official World Padel Tour racket.

Like its predecessor, the Tempo World Padel Tour 2022 stands out for its manageability, precision and ball output. The main novelty is the new Multilayered Black Eva core, an evolution of the Multilayered Core that, together with the 12K carbon faces , allows optimal distribution of the energy that is generated in hitting both low-speed shots and power shots. , thus improving your performance in the game.

In the Tempo World Padel Tour 2022 we have pampered even the smallest detail: rough surfaces to maximize the effects, side vibration dampers incorporated into the structure of the racket and a careful design of the heart.

Includes the new Smartstrap® replaceable lanyard system. Improve the hygiene and safety of your racket by easily replacing the cord without losing the guarantee by not having to manipulate the lower cap. More customization options at your fingertips!

Features and technology

It presents a 100% carbon composite frame and 12K carbon planes with a weight 25% less than usual , reduces the weight of the racket and increases durability.
The DCS technology increases the durability of the racket, while the AVS system incorporates small rubber bands in the frame that reduce vibrations.
The planes with a rough finish in the last layer facilitate the effects on the ball.
The Multilayered Black Eva core of different densities allows energy to be distributed across the face of the racket to enhance blows.
The new SmartStraps system allows you to change the lacing of the racket easily and safely.



Game Type: Advanced
Weight: 360-375g
Game level: Advanced
Frame: 100% Carbon
Shape: Drop
Expensive: Carbon 12K
Balance: Low
Core: Multilayered Black EVA