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The Adidas Adipower Ctrl 3.1 is the racket for players who seek maximum performance, innovation and technology, without fear of being wrong.

Made with DUAL EXOSKELETON technology and EVA HIGH MEMORY rubber composition. Print the necessary load of effect to the most demanding shots with SPIN BLADE MOLD technology. Its CTRL format will make your strokes very difficult to read, giving you excellent manageability. Bet on what you know works and make it clear who's in charge on the track, your Adipower CTRL is looking forward to seeing what your next challenge will be.


Level: PRO

dual exoskeleton
Dual eXoskeleton technology consists of double-height carbon ribs inserted in the heart of the racket, which allow the player to apply maximum power to his attack shots.

Spin blade mold
Give your shots maximum spin thanks to the SPIN BLADE MOLD technology, a 3D roughness inserted into the mold of the racket that provides greater grip on the ball on hits with spin.

Power embossed ridge
It is an external rib of carbon located in the frame of the blade that provides greater rigidity to the structure. Designed for the most powerful rackets with which to get the best of you in the most demanding hits.


Even (265mm)
Carbon Aluminized 15k
Eraser: Eva High Memory
Protective: 3M tape
Player: Control
Rugosity: Yeah