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The ML10 LUXURY SHOTGUN 2023 is a racket designed for aggressive players who base their game on pressure, fast volleys , shots and wall drops. The SHOTGUN mounts the classic NOX HR3 rubber on 12K Carbon faces to provide a comfortable touch and great ball output.

Includes the new Smartstrap® replaceable lanyard system. Improve the hygiene and safety of your racket by easily replacing the cord without losing the guarantee by not having to manipulate the lower cap. More customization options at your fingertips!

Testea Padel certifies the quality of this paddle tennis racket against breakage of the frame and the faces of the racket as well as the durability of the product against fatigue.


Blade core built on the basis of several different layers of EVA rubber Black of different densities that allow to optimally distribute the energy on the face of the racket resulting in a better transfer of power both in blows to low speed as in power strokes.

Carbon frame . Maximum rigidity and resistance while maintaining the lightness of the blade thanks to the finest interlaced carbon microfilaments in our range of blades.

By applying more material from the frame to four centimeters inside the face we minimize the difference in hardness between the frame and the face . In this way, when the ball is hit with the outer parts of the blade , we minimize the possible cutting of the fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks.

The 12K weave is achieved by intertwining the fiber strands into small squares. In our case we use a 12K fiber with a weight greater than normal carbon fiber, achieving greater durability to the product.

Rough surface on the last layer of the blade face. It can be made using pre-molded plastic material or with a bath in low-grammage silica sand. With this roughness, hits with greater effect are achieved.

Longer handle length to facilitate grip

System of vibration absorption produced in off-center hits.


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100% Carbon
Fiber Carbon 18K
Eva rubber HR3