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The best players of the World Padel Tour era, the Sanchez Alayeto sisters (" Atómikas Twins "), already have their own blades.

Majo is a backhand player, with a powerful and aggressive game based on snakes, volleys and shots. If your playing style is defined by the same parameters, the MJ10 LUXURY 2022 Will not disappoint you. At its core it has the Multilayered Black Eva technology , an evolution of the Multilayered Core that, together with the 12K carbon faces , allows an optimal distribution of the energy generated in the hit, both in low-speed shots and in power shots. , thus improving your performance in the game.

Like its predecessor, it incorporates the AVS lateral anti-vibration system and faces with a rough finish to facilitate hits with effect. As a novelty in 2022 the MJ10 LUXURY 2022 I ncludes the new Smartstrap® replaceable lanyard system . Improve the hygiene and safety of your racket by easily replacing the cord without losing the guarantee by not having to manipulate the lower cap. More customization options at your fingertips!


Blade core built on the basis of several different layers of EVA rubber Black of different densities that allow to optimally distribute the energy on the face of the racket resulting in a better transfer of power both in blows to low speed as in power strokes.

Carbon frame . Maximum rigidity and resistance while maintaining the lightness of the blade thanks to the finest interlaced carbon microfilaments in our range of blades.

Rough surface on the last layer of the blade face. It can be made using pre-molded plastic material or with a bath in low-grammage silica sand. With this roughness, hits with greater effect are achieved.

Longer grip length to facilitate grip

presents a 100% carbon composite frame and carbon blueprints 12K with a weight 25% less than usual , reduces the weight of the racket and increases durability.
The DCS technology increases the durability of the racket, while the AVS system It incorporates small rubbers in the frame that reduce vibrations.
The plans with rough finish in the last layer they facilitate the effects on the ball.
He Multilayered Black Eva core of different densities allows energy to be distributed across the face of the racket to enhance blows.
the new system SmartStraps Allows you to change the shovel cord easily and safely.


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100% Carbon
Carbon 12K
Multilayered Black EVA